This web site was created to disseminate news articles and public information regarding sexual and other misconduct at Delbarton School and St. Mary’s Abbey in Morristown, New Jersey.

It is our sincere hope that the disclosure of misconduct committed by members of the monastery against vulnerable persons will lead to dialogue, transparency, accountability, and healing. The entire Delbarton community has been victimized by group of offending monks [ View ] … and a monastic brotherhood that refused to speak up, demand justice and minister to dozens of victims.

If you have any questions about this web site or any aspect of the Delbarton/St. Mary’s story, please do not hesitate to ask [Contact ].

If you were a victim of misconduct, please do not contact Abbot Giles Hayes, the secret review board or their “independent” investigators. Contact law enforcement, a therapist, or an attorney.

Finally, we have received an incredible amount of feedback, not all of it positive…

You are a disgusting and despicable human being. You have defamed and slandered two very good men, Fr. Luke and Fr Justin. You are  a pompous sanctimonious fool. You bear false witness. You whine about criticism while ruining good people lives. You are no advocate for the abused, you are an abuser.

If you are among these critics, we ask that you be patient. Soon, you will learn that your trust has been violated. Then, or now, please turn you energy and criticism toward those who offended and those who failed to hold the offenders accountable.

Despite assurances (on January 14th) that the abbey would make a statement in support of victims and against misconduct, they have not yet done so. This is a major disappointment but not a surprise.

Patrick J Marker
Updated March 23, 2012