Comments Regarding Delbarton’s Lawsuit

I find this interesting how those that don’t read the article in depth, that say it is all about the Money and Greg Gianforcaro should not have signed the confidentiality agreement. He wasn’t the attorney at the time, and the victim/survivor he was helping, John Doe wasn’t seeking damages but to be released from the agreement. So there isn’t any money involved in this particular case. The reality is victim’s need to be able to speak their truth in order to heal from this trauma. So now Mike Critchley just draws more truth of the values of Delbarton and St.Mary’s Abbey, protect their institution and cover up the truth. They “claim” to want to help the victims and this is what they do? Attack the victim’s attorney who is trying to help this victim heal? (not sue for more money). Mike Critchley like St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton representatives continue to show they are bullies and only care about themselves. Thank God for people like Greg Gianforcaro who fights for the victims and does so with great integrity and respect.

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