Letter to Br. Diveny re Pagano

Feb 11, 2013 | All, Giac Pagano, Paul Diveny

[The following email was sent to Br. Paul Diveny on October 30, 2012. In the summer of 2012, Brother Paul Diveny and Patrick Marker spoke for approximately 30 minutes. Diveny was working in one of his gardens on the Delbarton campus. At that time, Marker provided Diveny with information regarding a credible allegation of misconduct by Giac Pagano. The incident (oral sex) occurred in approximately 1970 between Pagano and a Delbarton student.]

Brother Paul,

When you and I spoke in the summer, I assumed you would have Giac Pagano removed.

Pagano is a predator. I am aware of two victims. [Redacted]

Should he really be around the boys at the school?

In addition to the victims above, I received this email yesterday from yet another student Pagano was targeting:

From 19XX through 19XX Giac Pagano followed me into the bathrooms and around campus trying to lure me down to his on campus living quarters wih offers of cigarettes, liquor and claiming to have women there. He was a disgusting pervert and am pleased to see that his legacy is now receiving the accurate characterization that it deserves. There is no way that others in the St. Mary’s community could not have known that this behavior was taking place. I am equally confident that other students were not as fortunate as myself and actually fell for his lies and were physically abused.

Thank goodness he wasn’t molested. But do you think he’s a donor? Will send his kids to the school?

You know that my information is good – and that I don’t know half the story.

Please immediately confirm that Pagano no longer has access to the boys at the school or on school grounds.