Regarding Rev. Bruno Ugliano’s Alleged Misconduct

Mar 24, 2012 | All, Bruno Ugliano

Information has surfaced regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct reportedly perpetrated by Rev. Bruno Ugliano. Those allegations led to Rev. Ugliano’s temporary removal from duties in 2002.

Consider the information not made public…

1. Sister Pat Codey was present when Rev. Ugliano’s alleged victim described her misconduct to the Newark DART.  Sister Codey reportedly told the victim, “These horrific things did happen to you. Nothing that you did, or nothing that you could have done, caused these men to break their sacred vows… what you have shared here convinces me that you are a true victim. I will represent that you are truly a victim in my report to Archbishop Myers.”

2. Rev. Ugliano’s alleged victim passed a lie detector test.

3. Rev. Ugliano reportedly never took a lie detector test. If he did, test results were not made known to his alleged victim.

4. Rev. Ugliano referred to the alleged victim as an “anonymous accuser.” Documents from May of 1981, however, show that Rev. Ugliano and the alleged victim participated in the same weekend retreat.

5. A second alleged victim came forward, claiming sexual misconduct by Rev. Ugliano around the same time. She also contacted the Newark DART. She was reportedly “outraged” that the prosecutor “closed the case” [ View ].

6. A settlement with the first alleged victim, specifically naming Rev. Bruno Ugliano, was signed in September of 2004.

Rev. Bruno Ugliano was inducted into the Delbarton Hall of Fame in 2010. He is currently “prior”, or second in command, at St. Mary’s Abbey.