Timothy Brennan… How Many Victims?

When Father Timothy Brennan pled guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual contact on January 21, 1987, he was already participating in a six-month residential treatment program for sex offender at Saint Luke’s in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In the mid-80s, monk offenders rarely went to St. Luke’s for a single incident of misconduct. Abbot Brian Clarke knew there were other victims. Only Father Brennan knew/knows how many.



Here’s what we know:

Timothy (James) Brennan
Born: January 16, 1940
Birth Place: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Professed: January 21, 1961 (21.02 years old)
Ordained: June 10, 1978 (38.40 years old)

In 1987, the abbey was aware of reports that Father Brennan had taken students to a topless bars in Washington, DC.

In 1987, the abbey was aware of reports that Father Brennan had provided porn to students.

On January 21, 1987, Brennan admitted to enticing “a student to masburbate in front of me.”

How many more victims are there?

A Delbarton graduate remembers… “In the mid-1980’s, Fr. Timothy Brennan was my freshman guidance counselor. While in counseling, it was not uncommon for him to rub himself vigorously under his robe and proceed to ask me specific questions about what I would do with my freshman girlfriend.  In fact, as a sophomore, prior to a school dance on the campus, Fr. Tim recommended that I use his office to fool around with my girlfriend at the time. His only stipulation was that I would leave the blinds open at an angle so he could look in and observe.”
A former student at St Elizabeth’s in Linden, NJ remembers… “In the early 1970s, Fr. Timothy Brennan frequently masturbated in my presence and asked me to tell him stories of my experiences with my girlfriend.  I remember very clearly that he would enter a trance-like state while he was masturbating.  He even went as far as inviting me and my girlfriend to his room if we needed a place to be alone then feigned to be concerned about my sexual well being and often would ask if I planned to have sex before I was married. On many occasions he purchased alcohol for me.”
In May of 2002, a former student and his family complained of sexual abuse committed by Brennan during the 1983-1984 school year.


A mid-80s Delbarton graduate remembers… “While a student at Delbarton, I was sexually abused by Father Timothy Brennan on at least four occasions. The first incident of sexual abuse took place in a classroom after school, but before the busses took the kids home, in either the seventh or eighth grade. I do not remember the excuse or the events that led up to the abuse but recall that Father Timothy was fondling himself and me simultaneously. I was twelve or thirteen at the time of the first incident. The second incident of sexual abuse occurred after a dance at Delbarton School. I recall walking outside and away from the dance with Father Timothy. He again touched himself while performing oral sex on me.”


A Delbarton graduate remembers… In 2002, “Broderick also told [me] that another victim of misconduct by Timothy Brennan had come forward. According to the graduate, Broderick “too casually” said that Fr. Timothy, ”sodomized another boy.” — and that the public didn’t even know about it.”


A Delbarton graduate remembers… “I observed Father Timothy fondling himself while making strange faces and sounds.”


A Delbarton graduate remembers… “Timothy Brennan was my 8th grade English teacher. I remember him making lewd gestures to the class and knowing, though I was only 13 years old, that something wasn’t right.”