Archbishop Myers and Abbot Giles Mislead Parish

The following statement from Abbot Giles Hayes is featured on the Saint Elizabeth of Hungary parish web site:

“The Archdiocese and St. Mary’s Abbey are grateful to Father Benedict Worry, O.S.B., for his years of laboring for the faithful of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  Archbishop Myers, with the advice of Abbot Giles of St. Mary’s Abbey, has appointed Father John Hesketh, O.S.B., the Administrator of the parish, beginning after Labor Day, 2012.  Father Anthony Sargent, O.S.B. will remain the Parochial Vicar of the parish, where he will reside as he continues his graduate studies at Seton Hall University.  In addition, Brother James Konchalski, O.S.B., will reside part time at St. Elizabeth serving as a Deacon.  Father Alex will continue his ministry to the Archdiocesan Filipino community.  We are confident that the Catholic community of St. Elizabeth of Hungary will be well served by these faithful men of God.”

There is no mention of the allegations of misconduct which led to Worry’s removal in January of 2012.

There is no mention of additional allegations that were made in a lawsuit filed in June of 2012.

Most importantly, there is no victim outreach.

Why the delay?

According to a June 6, 2012 Star-Ledger article [ View ]:

“[Worry] has been under strict supervision since January, in response to a complaint alleging misconduct with an individual in the 1990s.”

A June 5, 2012 article [ View ] revealed:

Father Benedict has no contact with minors. He has a dedicated supervisor at the Abbey and his supervision is subject to regular review.

It was in January of 2012 when Father Benedict Worry was first linked (publicly) to the sex abuse scandal at Saint Mary’s Abbey. A letter [ View ] sent to the Diocese of Richmond (VA) named Father Worry as one of several monks against whom allegations had been made.

During the first half of 2012, parishioners were told that Benedict Worry had a series of health issues (Heart, Hernia, Dental) which were keeping him from returning to the parish. In May of 2012, Father Anthony Sergeant told a visitor to the parish that Worry would return soon.

According to the same June 6, 2012 Star-Ledger article [ View ], even the staff at the Archdiocese of Newark was lying for Father Worry:

On Monday, Jim Goodness, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, said Worry was on “administrative leave” from St. Elizabeth, citing health problems.

For how long — and to what lengths — will Father Anthony Sergeant and Abbot Giles Hayes and the Archdiocese keep the parishioners in the dark?

Any why is Archbishop John Myers participating in the coverup?

This isn’t Archbishop John Myers first coverup.

According to a 2010 Star-Ledger article [ View ]:

“… Myers on at least four occasions has shielded priests accused of sexual abuse against minors and one adult. In the four instances, the priests have either admitted improper sexual contact, pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from accusations of sexual misconduct or been permanently barred from ministry by the archdiocese after allegations of sexual misconduct.”

 This isn’t Abbot Giles Hayes first coverup either.

More soon…