Giles Covers Up Another Scandal

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Dear Friends, Since many of you were away for the holiday weekend, you may not be aware that Father Eamon is no longer exercising his priestly ministry here in our parish. The following is the text that I received from Abbot Giles Hayes, Abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey, Thursday evening, May 21st. “Dear Fr. Sean, I […]

Abbot Giles Retires, New Abbot Elected

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From the St. Mary’s Abbey Web Site: “With praise and thanksgiving to God, the monks of St. Mary’s Abbey joyfully announce the election of their 11th abbot, the Rt. Rev. Richard Cronin, following the retirement of teh [sic] Rt. Rev. Giles P. Hayes. We give thanks to Abbot Giles for 8 years of faithful service, […]

Excerpts from Giles Hayes’ January 13, 2002 Email

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I did not use the word “minor.”  Our attorney slipped it in so other attorneys would know that there was a legal distinction between pedaphilia and adult to adult abuse.  I got very upset when I saw it used this morning, and told our spokesperson to get rid of it.  Make no mistake about it, […]

(Still) Waiting for Gov. Christie to Act

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter and two notarized statements detailing sexual abuse by Mr. Giac Pagano were received by Governor Chris Christie’s office on Monday, March 3, 2013. There has been no response. Accused perpetrator Mr. Giac Pagano is still listed as a Delbarton School employee. Mr. Pagano still has access to young men, as […]

Monk’s Email Addresses (Jan 6, 2012)

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Directory List Fr. Andrew T. Smith Fr. Anthony G. Sargent Fr. Basil J. Wallace Fr. Beatus T. Lucey Fr. Benedict M. Worry Fr. Benet W. Caffrey Abbot Brian H. Clarke Fr. Bruno A. Ugliano Br. Demetrius M. Thomas Fr. Edward Seton J. Fittin Fr. Elias […]

Archbishop Myers and Abbot Giles Mislead Parish

The following statement from Abbot Giles Hayes is featured on the Saint Elizabeth of Hungary parish web site: “The Archdiocese and St. Mary’s Abbey are grateful to Father Benedict Worry, O.S.B., for his years of laboring for the faithful of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  Archbishop Myers, with the advice of Abbot Giles of St. Mary’s […]

Excerpts from Recent Statement

The following excerpts were taken from a four-page statement notarized and forwarded to this web site on August 30, 2012. Anyone with information regarding misconduct at Delbarton is asked to come forward…

Email and Response Regarding Father Justin Capato

From a web site visitor: “I have been told that at a recent Mass at Notre Dame, Fr. Jude was about to announce that Fr. Capato has been exonerated – but then was thwarted when he heard at the last minute that the Cranes had filed the lawsuit.” Webmaster’s Response: Father Jude Salus could not […]

Letter from Abbot Giles Hayes

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Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends of St. Mary’s Abbey, This has been another strong year for Delbarton and for our students in the classroom, in community service, in the arts and in athletics. However, it has also been a difficult one for our community, as individuals have come forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct […]

Offending Monks’ “Club Ped”

According to a Star-Ledger article [ View ] on June 6, 2012: In 1987, Brennan pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct with another teen student and was sent to a Missouri facility for sexual offenders. Twenty-five years later, he remains in the Benedictine order, under supervision and secluded from the public, Cicatiello said.

Delbarton monk accused of sexual abuse

(The Star-Ledger) The latest in a string of accusations of sexual abuse at the Delbarton School involve a monk, the Rev. Benedict Worry, who has been serving as the pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Linden and the chaplain for the Linden Police Department.

Abbey’s Statement: More Spin

Abbot Giles Hayes is at St. Vincent’s Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania this week, leading a monastic retreat on Pauline Mysticism. As a distracted and disorganized Abbot Giles reflects on Colossians and Ephesians in poorly attended retreat sessions on Tuesday, the public relations team back at Saint Mary’s Abbey was busy spinning the latest chapter in […]

More Former Students Join Lawsuit

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) – Two more former students at a prominent New Jersey Catholic school have come forward to claim that they were sexually abused by clerics in the 1970s and ’80s.

Saints Mary and Elizabeth Academy (Worry)

Abbot Giles Hayes and Saint Mary’s Abbey misled the parishioners and school community in Linden, NJ. For months, staff at the Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church and Saints Mary and Elizabeth Academy have been repeating to parents and children what they heard from Rev. Anthony Sergeant and others from Saint MAry’s Abbey: Rev. Benedict Worry has […]

Media Advisory (re Worry and Brennan)

Two more clergy sex abuse cases to be filed against Benedictine monastery Four men allege childhood sexual abuse by priests from Delbarton School/St. Mary’s Abbey

Rev. Elias Lorenzo: Protector of Children?

Rev. Elias Lorenzo is currently “protecting the rights and safety of children in the Church” (see below). Since when?  

Delbarton monk accused of sex abuse allegations passes 2 lie detector tests, lawyer says

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Hanlon wouldn’t identify the polygraph experts employed by him or the abbey. He wasn’t sure how many of the four accusers had come forward by the time of the second polygraph.

Delbarton monk facing sexual misconduct allegations leaves local abbey

(Star-Ledger) Rev. Luke Travers, the former headmaster of Delbarton School in Morris Township and target of a string of sexual misconduct allegations over the past year, has left St. Mary’s Abbey, which has severed official ties with him, according to a terse statement released today by Abbot Giles P. Hayes.

Former Delbarton Students Still Waiting

(Star Ledger) When the first allegations of sexual misconduct against former Delbarton School headmaster Luke Travers were made public in January, the abbot at St. Mary’s Abbey, which runs the school, labeled the accusations a “minor boundary violation” in a statement. But the next day, in an e-mail recently obtained by The Star-Ledger, Abbot Giles Hayes […]

Abbot Giles’ Book Signing Postponed

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[Webmaster’s Note: According to library, this presentation has been postponed.] Explore the history of these two schools, both built by St. Mary’s Abbey. Rt. Rev. Giles Hayes, the current Abbot at St. Mary’s, and Dr. Tom McCabe, a former teacher at St. Benedict’s, share their research and intimate knowledge of the two institutions. Both presenters […]