Restricted Rev. Luke Travers Celebrates… Twice

According to sources in Virginia, Rev. Luke Travers, despite restricted from doing so, celebrated two masses attended by high school students.

Monk removed as abbey’s administrator

Hayes said the Virginia abbey had been informed of the restrictions on Travers. However, Steve Neill, a spokesman for the Richmond diocese, said DiLorenzo “knew nothing about it.”

Monk at Goochland abbey faces allegations

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GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) – A Catholic monk working at the abbey where Benedictine High School students are set to move has been let go amidst allegations of inappropriate behavior. Those incidents allegedly took place during Father Luke Travers’ time at a Benedictine school in New Jersey.

Trouble in Goochland

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But wait, we’re not finished. Remember all the hoopla surrounding Fr. Luke Travers assignment to Mary, Mother of the Church Abbey, on June 28, 2010, as “temporary” administrator…

Goochland residents sue to stop Benedictine move

A group of Goochland County residents has filed a lawsuit challenging the Board of Supervisors’ approval of a conditional-use permit to allow the former Benedictine High School to relocate to the rural county.

Travers: Overseeing High School

I love Richmond, and also feel this is a monastery with some potential. The [high] school is a military school (can you believe me in charge of that?) – Luke Travers – Summer, 2010 Rev. Luke Travers, O.S.B. sends the following, “About a year and four months ago, I was hired to be a financial […]