Why would a Catholic school seek to deny justice for victims of sexual abuse?

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So one must ask, why last month a New Jersey Catholic institution of Benedictine Monks, who operate the Delbarton School and have acknowledged an appalling amount of sexual abuse committed by their clerics against young students, took action in Morris County Superior Court to deny EVERY sexual abuse victim in New Jersey, anyone abused as […]

Be a hero: Show compassion at Delbarton

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Your ongoing portrayal of alleged abuses at Delbarton, my alma mater, is totally disconnected from my student experience. I remain grateful to the lay teachers and clergy who ensured I left Delbarton with the values that formed my moral foundation. I would betray those educators if I didn’t express my support for the alleged victims […]

Letter to Editor from Luke Travers’ Attorney

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I am writing this letter as the attorney for the Rev. Luke Travers. “New Delbarton allegations and a troubling e-mail,” (April 15) showed there were no new allegations, but rather a criticism of how St. Mary’s Abbey was handling matters.

Alum: Delbarton sex abuse scandal is heartbreaking

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I wore the Latin motto “Succisa Virescit” — meaning roughly, “Cut it down and it will grow back” — on the breast pocket of my green blazer for the five years I attended Delbarton School. A classmate used to go around on the last day of the school year ripping off the pocket patches. I […]

Message from Alum

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I’m an alum and a supporter of the school. I want Delbarton to succeed and be a great place for young men to get a great college preparatory education. But in order for that to happen, there can be no abuse and no tolerance of it. Everyone in a position of authority needs to be […]