Containment… “We are a Family”

According to multiple sources, an assembly was held at Delbarton School on January 13, 2012.

A day earlier, Abbot Giles Hayes put out a statement to Delbarton alumni, students and staff:

“An allegation involving a minor boundary violation with an adult by Fr. Luke Travers, OSB, is being investigated.  [ More ]

At the January 13 assembly, headmaster Br. Paul Diveny reportedly tried to contain the Rev. Luke Travers story by telling the students something like:

“This is a family matter. What happens with family stays here. We protect one another.”

While the accounts vary by a word or two, the message was clear… Say Nothing!

It worked.

To date, not a single Delbarton student or Delbarton parent (including Gov. Chris Christie) has stepped forward to comment on the allegations against Rev. Luke Travers or the coverup of Travers’ misconduct by Abbot Giles Hayes and other leaders at the abbey.

How long can they stay quiet?