Excerpts from Recent Statement

The following excerpts were taken from a four-page statement notarized and forwarded to this web site on August 30, 2012.

Anyone with information regarding misconduct at Delbarton is asked to come forward…

Regarding the reason a notarized statement was sent:

“I knew one day someone will finally speak and break their silence. These heinous sexual crimes far exceed anyone’s true understanding but they did occur. There still are several other victims that have not yet come forwarded. When, they are ready to do so. Justice will finally be served.”

Regarding a weekend retreat in the early 1980s:

“After the movie was over, there was a boy fast asleep in a chair or couch. Father Worry went up to the boy sleeping from the back end first then side to side. It looked like he was playing a joke on him. He was very animated and playful. The small crowd of boys thought he was being funny and started to laugh. Then, Father Worry started to react some of the love scenes from the movie by sticking his tongue out and making romantic gestures. Still, the laughter continued. Then, Father Worry finally made his way front and center and started to go down on this sleeping boy, unzipped his pants, and started to perform oral sex on him. The boy finally woke up and was in shock. It took him a few minutes to react and started to scream. He tried to defend himself but could not.”

Regarding Benedict Worry, Luke Travers and Justin Capato

“There would be some days were I would see Father Worry standing in a front window of a middle office window masturbating. This incident would occur around 7:50 am. I would be already situated in my school van waiting for the last bus to arrive, which would be the train bus. Around this same time, Brother Luke (Luke Travers) and Brother John (Justin) would be walking towards the school. I caught them looking over into the window and started to laugh and pointed over to the window. So, I knew they were seeing the same thing I was witnessing. There was nothing else going on in any of the other windows but what Father Worry was doing.”

Regarding Benedict Worry

“Between the morning bus/van switching, I was informed by [Delbarton Student] that Father Worry found [Delbarton Student] and severely sexually assaulted him after school. It pained both  [Delbarton Student] and I to what we observed. I saw a 14 year old boy who could barely walk up the stairs of the bus. He could barely sit in his seat comfortably. He was crying on the inside but refusing to shed a tear. After, we got off the bus, we offered him a ride, he refused instead he walked home. He was in pain for a few days afterwards. He never sought medical attention.”

Regarding Giles Hayes

“This same year, I witnessed another incident. This incident occurred around 7: 40 am. A boy was coming off his bus along with some other students. He may have been a 9th grader. He was tall, skinny and had dark wavy hair, with brown eyes. Father Giles approached this boy at the front of the corridor. Father Giles was rather forceful in pulling another boy out of the line. This boy tried to defend himself and threw down his book bag and makes a scene. Father Giles kept on telling him to be quiet and directed him away from the front lobby.”

Regarding Giles Hayes

“Father Hayes was promoting Father Benedict Worry’s pedophile behavior both on and off the Delbarton campus. He allowed Father Worry to stalk his victims the minute them arrived off the bus and pull them aside to sexually assault them. Also, Father Hayes was fully aware that Father Worry was sexually assaulting his victims after school.”

Ape Shitting

“The most horrific ape shitting occurred in the winter of 1981-1982. It may have been in the month of January.  [Delbarton Student] initiated this Ape Shitting that involved 2 boys  [Delbarton Student] and  [Delbarton Student]. A bunch of guys just piled up on them. They could barely breathe.  [Delbarton Student] started to fight back  [Delbarton Student]. They were both were leaning on the window. The combined weight and the direct pressure forced the entire window to fall out onto Route 10. After that,  [Delbarton Student] would say to them that’s for Father Worry and that’s for Father Brennan. The victims never uttered who they were a victim of. The bullies were the ones who revealed it.”

Regarding Luke Travers

“Either late winter or the early spring of 1982,  [Delbarton Student] was having an affair with Brother Luke (Luke Travers).  [Delbarton Student] confided in me of his love affair with Luke. I was first startled by this information. We were spending a 1 ½ [years] running away from these priests. Now, he is starting a romantic relationship with one of these priests.  [Delbarton Student] assured me that Luke was different. He was not like all the other priests. He was very caring and a great guy to be around with. Also,  [Delbarton Student] was spending a lot of time at the monastery some weekends as well as weeknights.”


“Also, I was aware that Father Luke Travers was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with  [Delbarton Student]. At the time,  [Delbarton Student] was only 15 years old. On numerous occasions,  [Delbarton Student] was practically living within the monastery. The abbey is supposed to be strictly forbidden and deny any student access towards the priests living quarters.”