Who is Ed Broderick?

Apr 26, 2012 | All, Ed Broderick

Many outsiders believe that a religious leader, Abbot Giles perhaps, is responsible for managing the abuse scandal at Saint Mary’s. The truth, however, is much different. Nearly every move made by Saint Mary’s Abbey must pass through a series of filters. The abbey leadership utilizes attorneys, public relation experts and wordsmiths to craft almost every message they send. Attorney Ed Broderick, a 1950 graduate of Delbarton School, is considered by many to have been Saint Mary’s Abbey’s chief strategist regarding allegations of sexual misconduct.

As the scandal at Saint Mary’s unfolds, it is becoming apparent that Broderick’s strategy, which often included intimidation, has backfired.

It is time to try a different approach. Perhaps this one… View

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Ed Broderick has a distinguished record of achievement and leadership, in the law, in state and local politics, and in community affairs. His many professional affiliations reflect that. He is a longtime member and former trustee of the Morris County Bar Association, and he currently serves as chairman of the county bar’s Professionalism Committee. He is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court and has served on several committees of the state bar, including the ethics committee and the Supreme Court’s committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law. In 1999, Broderick received the N.J. Bar Association’s Professionalism Award, honoring him for his longtime leadership in the ethical and professional behavior of attorneys. He is a certified Civil Trial Attorney, and is a sustaining member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Further, Broderick has served as legal counsel to Morristown, N.J., and as special counsel to various planning boards in the last three decades. He also has helped launch and sustain many community initiatives, including Morris Township’s 250th Anniversary Committee and the town’s beautification committee, among others. He is a trustee of the Morris County Historical Society, and is a trustee of various educational institutions, including his alma mater, The Delbarton Preparatory School. Finally, Ed Broderick has been active for decades in local and state politics, once ran for state assembly, and has worked on the various campaigns of Sen. Bill Bradley and two New Jersey governors.

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Attorney Ed Broderick represents employers and employees in employment law matters that include discrimination, civil rights, whistleblower claims, sexual harassment, retaliation, separation and buy-out agreements, and in civil litigation, appeals and arbitration procedures affecting such cases. He also represents clients in personal injury cases involving car accidents, construction accidents and dangerous property accidents.

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For three decades Ed Broderick has been a pillar of the legal community, both in New Jersey and Morris County, where his practice is based. With a long record of leadership in the law and in his community, and refined in judgment and demeanor, Broderick possesses the qualities of many of the distinguished judges he appears before. Broderick’s record datesback to Delbarton Preparatory School, in Morristown, where his education began.(He later served as a Delbarton trustee for 28 years.) He went to Notre Dame, where he received his undergraduate and law degrees. He spent four years in the Air Force, until 1960, where

he practiced law in the military’s Judge Advocate General (JAG); later, while in private practice, he served in the Air Force Reserve for 26 years, achieving the rank of colonel. He received the Air Force’s Commendation Medal in 1985 and the Meritorious Service Medal in 1987. In 1977 he co-founded Broderick, Newmark & Grather; Broderick’s partners have long handled commercial-law work for a major regional real estate firm, and Broderick has worked in all aspects of employment and commercial law.

The father of four and grandfather of nine, Broderick and his wife live in New Vernon, New Jersey, not far from his office in downtown Morristown.