(Still) Waiting for Gov. Christie to Act

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter and two notarized statements detailing sexual abuse by Mr. Giac Pagano were received by Governor Chris Christie’s office on Monday, March 3, 2013. There has been no response. Accused perpetrator Mr. Giac Pagano is still listed as a Delbarton School employee. Mr. Pagano still has access to young men, as he has since the late 1960’s. Brother Paul Diveny, Delbarton School’s headmaster, was made aware of specific details of Mr. Pagano’s misconduct in the summer of 2012.]

Letter to Governor Chris Christie
Written March 1, 2013
Signed for on March 3, 2013

Governor Christie,

It has been over a year since, in January of 2012 [ View ], I called on you to act “as a parent, husband, lawyer, and governor” to “put an end to deceptive, destructive, and disingenuous practices employed by the leadership at St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton School.”

What have you done?

As a parent, you knowingly allowed your children to attend a school located on a campus that is also home to a Benedictine monastery at which several credibly accused sexual deviants currently reside. As a parent, you currently allow your child to attend a school that employs (see attached) at least one of the credibly accused.

Yesterday, I received a second notarized statement detailing alleged sexual misconduct by Mr. Giac Pagano. Mr. Pagano is currently an employee at Delbarton School. Like Father Luke Travers and other accused perpetrators on campus, Mr. Pagano has had access to your children.

In addition to these two attached notarized statements, I have received other communication regarding misconduct by Mr. Pagano.

You are the first person to receive these attached documents. Certainly, you will know what to do with this information.

As a parent, first, and then as a husband, lawyer, and governor, I respectfully request that you bring these matters to the attention of the proper law enforcement agencies, the DCP&P, the school’s board of trustees, local church leaders and anyone else who can protect children and effectively reach out to victims of sexual abuse at Delbarton School and St. Mary’s Abbey.

I look forward to cooperating with you and any respected individual or agency to protect your children and those other children who are currently, and unknowingly, being groomed — this very day — by men like Giac Pagano, Father Luke Travers, Father Benedict Worry, Father Donald Fox and sadly, many others on the Delbarton School / St. Mary’s Abbey campus.

I would also like to work with you to reach out to past victims of abuse and other misconduct perpetrated by personnel at Delbarton School and St. Mary’s Abbey.

Victims and witnesses wait to come forward for any number of reasons. Many fear retaliation (as experienced by RS, the victim who came forward in 2002).

Others have experienced the condescending, self-preserving and/or “blame the messenger” tactics employed by the abbey’s review board and lawyers like Ed Broderick and Michael Critchley.

Others victims want to protect their alma mater or aging parents who put their trust in a once respected religious educational institution.

Whether by fear or pride, these victims have long protected an institution that has done little to protect them. It is time for the entire Delbarton community to reach out to, rather than harass and push away, victims and their advocates.

Slowly now, survivors are coming forward. The majority of those who are coming forward simply want the record to reflect the truth. Delbarton’s leadership has not provided the truth.

Here’s an example:

In a January 13, 2012 email to alumni, Abbot Giles Hayes referred to serious sexual misconduct by Luke Travers as a “minor boundary allegation”. Similar minimization occurred during an all-school assembly at Delbarton the same day.

However, in an email to me, Abbot Hayes described Travers’ actions as “heinous, evil, sick.”

Similarly, Headmaster Brother Paul Diveny’s message to parents and students has been clear: Say nothing. Keep it in the family.

Deception is a dangerous PR strategy.

Those who protect and/or enable these perpetrators must also be held accountable.

[Photo of Abbot Giles Hayes, Governor Chris Christie (NJ), Headmaster Brother Paul Diveny]

As the victims and their supporters await leadership, it is disappointing to see you glad-handing those enablers.

Please see to it that the enclosed documents receive the attention they deserve. I look forward to your swift and effective action. If I can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Patrick J Marker
Circle Path Media, LLC
PO 39
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
360-421-5849 / patrickmarker@gmail.com
Attached: Two notarized statements detailing sexual abuse by Mr. Giac Pagano