Anthony Cicatiello… Wordsmith

In an interview on March 20, 2012 with, St. Mary’s Abbey spokesperson Anthony Cicatiello said that the abbey placed restrictions on Rev. Luke Travers and Rev. Justin Capato following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Really? How long after the allegations were reported?

Rev. Justin Capato’s misconduct was reported to Fr Giles Hayes in 2004.

Rev. Justin Capato was not placed on restriction until December of 2010, six years after concerns regarding his conduct with students surfaced.

Rev. Luke Travers’ inappropriate conduct has been known to abbey officials since at least 1995. His conduct with Rev. Elias Lorenzo dates back even further.

Rev. Luke Travers was not on restriction until January of 2011, sixteen years after concerns regarding his conduct with students surfaced.

According to Cicatiello:

“This includes continuous monitoring, seclusion from anyone younger than 25, and limitations on celebrating the Eucharist,” Cicatiello said. [ View ]

Cicatiello said the same thing (regarding Rev. Luke Travers) in a January 12, 2012 article:

As part of the investigation, Travers was placed under restrictions that barred him from contact with anyone under 25, prohibited contact with students and banned him from saying mass for anyone other than fellow monks, Cicatiello said. [ View ]

The truth, however, is much closer to the interview Cicatiello gave for  a January 17, 2012 article:

“Cicatiello said Delbarton’s mishandling of the supervision and Travers’ apparent violation of the restrictions would be “rolled into the overall investigation.” He said the review board could take disciplinary action against Travers for ignoring the rules.” [ View ]

In fact, Travers violated all of the restrictions place on him by the abbey’s secret review board.

Jesse Grapes, headmaster of the Richmond military school formerly known as Benedictine High School, said Travers delivered an address to Benedictine students in December after the Goochland Board of Supervisors gave the abbey the approval it needs to move the 100-year-old school to its property on the banks of the James River. He also presided over a monk’s funeral in December. [ View ]