Media Advisory (re Worry and Brennan)

Two more clergy sex abuse cases to be filed against Benedictine monastery Four men allege childhood sexual abuse by priests from Delbarton School/St. Mary’s Abbey

Rev. Elias Lorenzo: Protector of Children?

Rev. Elias Lorenzo is currently “protecting the rights and safety of children in the Church” (see below). Since when?  

Anthony Cicatiello… Wordsmith

In an interview on March 20, 2012 with, St. Mary’s Abbey spokesperson Anthony Cicatiello said that the abbey placed restrictions on Rev. Luke Travers and Rev. Justin Capato following allegations of sexual misconduct. Really? How long after the allegations were reported?

3 with Ties to Delbarton School Punished in Sex Abuse Cases

Two priests and a deacon from the religious order that runs the Delbarton School have been punished in connection with three sexual abuse cases, according to a statement from Saint Mary’s Abbey.

Abbey Report Shows 3 Clerics Guilty of Abuse

One priest, a former Delbarton teacher, has been sent to a rehabilitation center where he is expected to live out his life. A deacon will have his clerical status stripped from him. Another cleric will be allowed to function as a priest but won’t be allowed to have contact with children.

Alum’s 2002 Letter to Abbot Confroy

Obviously, both Fr. Timothy and Br. Malachy’s sexual abuse of adolescents are well documented and are well accepted by the community. Fr. Elias has not yet been exposed in the public eye of scrutiny, but I am sure he is next.

Delbarton Hit By Charge Of Sex Abuse By Monk

At 6-feet-tall, the boyish-looking, strapping 39-year-old Sheridan was a star lacrosse player, named one of only 46 members of Delbarton’s Hall of Honor and was its outstanding alumnus for 2001.

Ex-Delbarton monk accused of sex abuse

By all appearances, Bob Sheridan had everything going for him. He was a former lacrosse and soccer star at the Delbarton School and worked part time as coach of the varsity indoor lacrosse team. He had a good job as a salesman for a large insurance company. He was active raising money for his alma […]

Handling of Abuse Complaint Disillusions a Catholic

He broke his silence a decade ago. But when Bob Sheridan told officials at the venerable Delbarton School here that he had been sexually abused by a monk as a teenager, he said, they did not investigate the allegations or report them to church officials.