The Abbey’s Secret Review Board

According to a March 19, 2012 media advisory, “The abbey refuses to disclose its culture of secrecy, the whereabouts of Rev. Travers and Rev. Capato or comment on the results of recent investigations conducted by the abbey’s secret review board — a tool of intimidation empanelled by the abbey.” As of January, 2012, members of […]

3 with Ties to Delbarton School Punished in Sex Abuse Cases

Two priests and a deacon from the religious order that runs the Delbarton School have been punished in connection with three sexual abuse cases, according to a statement from Saint Mary’s Abbey.

Church Moves to Laicize Priests

The Catholic Church has moved to defrock one monk and has asked the Vatican for permission to try five other priests for having committed sex acts against minors while at area churches.

Delbarton Hit By Charge Of Sex Abuse By Monk

At 6-feet-tall, the boyish-looking, strapping 39-year-old Sheridan was a star lacrosse player, named one of only 46 members of Delbarton’s Hall of Honor and was its outstanding alumnus for 2001.