Former Finance Employee Speaks Out

My name is XXXXXX. I worked in the business office at St. Mary’s Abbey / Delbarton School between 199X and 199X. During my tenure at St. Mary’s, I witnessed several incidents that I believe, given the current climate of silence and secrecy at the abbey, need to be exposed.

Former Delbarton Students Still Waiting

(Star Ledger) When the first allegations of sexual misconduct against former Delbarton School headmaster Luke Travers were made public in January, the abbot at St. Mary’s Abbey, which runs the school, labeled the accusations a “minor boundary violation” in a statement. But the next day, in an e-mail recently obtained by The Star-Ledger, Abbot Giles Hayes […]

The Abbey’s Secret Review Board

According to a March 19, 2012 media advisory, “The abbey refuses to disclose its culture of secrecy, the whereabouts of Rev. Travers and Rev. Capato or comment on the results of recent investigations conducted by the abbey’s secret review board — a tool of intimidation empanelled by the abbey.” As of January, 2012, members of […]

Former Delbarton Chief Came On to Student

A monk who served as the headmaster of Delbarton School in Morris Township is being investigated for what the school called a “minor boundary violation with an adult,” in a letter to its community.