COLUMN: Explanations, apologies remain for Delbarton sex abuse victims

The writer, formerly of Mendham, was a victim of clergy sexual abuse while attending Delbarton in Morris Township. He can be reached at

Delbarton lawsuit against former Mendham man’s lawyer is ‘intimidation’

MENDHAM – To Bill Crane, a lawsuit filed by the Delbarton School against his lawyer is one more tactic of intimidation in the ongoing battle by Crane and others to uncover victims who were sexually assaulted by priests at the school.

Delbarton sex abuse victim wants to speak freely about settlement

(Daily Record) A man who admittedly was sexually abused by a Delbarton School monk when he was a student in 1984 joined victim’s advocates Friday in calling upon leaders of the prestigious school to be “transparent and open” about misconduct by its monks and allow him to speak freely about a confidential lawsuit settlement he […]

Brennan Settlement Openly Discussed in 2002

As they had several times before, Fr. Rembert and the graduate discussed a range of topics. When the topic turned to sexual misconduct, the two eventually discussed misconduct by Fr. Timothy Brennan (who had been in the news recently). Fr. Rembert allegedly shared with the graduate at lunch that the abbey had settled the lawsuit […]

Rev. Justin Capato… Removed in 2010

In 2004, the Morris County Prosecutor’s office was reportedly alerted to allegations of sexual misconduct by Rev. Justin Capato. Nearly seven years later, in December of 2010, St. Mary’s Abbey received a letter detailing misconduct by Capato. A few days later, Capato was removed from Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Parish in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. […]

Clergy in Delbarton Case to Be Removed

Catholic Church officials are seeking to remove a former Benedictine monk and deacon from the clergy because they have deemed credible an accusation that he assaulted an 18-year-old Delbarton School alumnus on campus in 1981.

Alum’s 2002 Letter to Abbot Confroy

Obviously, both Fr. Timothy and Br. Malachy’s sexual abuse of adolescents are well documented and are well accepted by the community. Fr. Elias has not yet been exposed in the public eye of scrutiny, but I am sure he is next.

2002 Confroy Letter re Brennan, Ugliano

While it is painful for us to see old wounds reopened and to confront new allegations, we are resolved to see the process through with openness, candor and fairness to all concerned. I begin with a summary of the cases of Father Timothy Brennan and Father Bruno Ugliano. … [Brennan] was relieved of all priestly […]