Rev. Justin Capato… Removed in 2010

In 2004, the Morris County Prosecutor’s office was reportedly alerted to allegations of sexual misconduct by Rev. Justin Capato.

Nearly seven years later, in December of 2010, St. Mary’s Abbey received a letter detailing misconduct by Capato.

A few days later, Capato was removed from Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Parish in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey.


Partial Timeline for Rev. Justin Capato


According to one of Rev. Capato’s alleged victims:

My Dad spoke directly with Giles about the abuse. Giles told my Dad that he was going to go and speak directly to then Abbott Thomas Confroy about the abuse. My Dad never heard back from Giles on the situation. And there was no following or initiating of the protocol that Giles had worked so hard on in establishing for Delbarton through the CMSM.

Also in 2004, an employee at Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Parish reported that Rev. Justin Capato had images of young boys plastered on one of the walls in his living quarters.

Also in 2004, the Morris County Prosecutor’s office was alerted to misconduct by Rev. Capato.

On or around December 8, 2010, St. Mary’s Abbey received a letter detailing misconduct by Rev. Justin Capato. The misconduct described involved two separate victims and multiple counts of misconduct. A few days later, Rev. Capato was removed from Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Parish in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey.

One parishioner we spoke with last week recalled that Rev. Justin Capato left Notre Dame of Mount Carmel in the spring on 2010 for medical reasons. She said that when Rev. Capato returned in September of 2010, he appeared to be healthy and in good spirits. She remembered that he was at a Christmas party on a Saturday evening in December. The next morning he was scheduled to say mass but didn’t show up. The following Wednesday or Thursday, he was scheduled for a bereavement service, but didn’t show up. When parishioners started asking questions, a church employee reportedly explained Rev. Capato was exhausted and needed to rest back at the abbey. Not until February of 2012 did Rev. Jude Salus inform the parishioners as to the real reason for Rev. Capato’s sudden departure.


From “The Richmond Letter”:

In February of 2011, four people (including two victims of misconduct at Delbarton/St. Mary’s) reportedly met with Larry Nagle, a former sex crimes investigator for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

For over five hours, the four described the culture and what they knew about misconduct at Delbarton/St. Mary’s. During the interview, misconduct by Rev. Luke Travers and Rev. Justin Capato was described.

Following the interview, the two victims were told that Larry Nagle found their accounts of misconduct to be very credible. Despite their credibility, the St. Mary’s Abbey appeared to take no action with regard to Rev. Luke Travers and Rev. Justin Capato.

Note: Rev. Justin Capato remains listed as associate pastor (in the phone system) and the parochial vicar (on the web site, See Appendix C) at Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Parish in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. In his outgoing voice mail message, Rev. Justin says “I will be away from the parish for an extended period of time.”

According to the woman who answered the phone at the parish on January 10, 2012, Rev. Justin is still on staff but is back at the abbey. “No one says anything,” she said, “He is constantly prayed for here.”  Are they also praying for his victims?

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Also in February of 2011, a report from the Morris County Prosecutor’s office was reportedly discussed with the parent of a young man abused by Rev. Capato.


In February of 2012, Rev. Luke Travers was removed from St. Mary’s Abbey in Morristown, New Jersey. Rev. Travers was reportedly sent to the “same place as Father Justin.”

At mass on February 5, 2012, Rev. Jude Salus reportedly told members of the Notre Dame congregation that an allegation was made against Father Justin in December of 2010. Rev. Jude Salus reportedly alluded to an “ongoing investigation” and said that he hoped it would end soon.


The coverup of Rev. Capato’s misconduct involves a number of people.

Abbot Giles Hayes, Abbot Thomas Confroy, Rev. Bruno Ugliano, Rev. Jude Salus, lawyers, public relations staff, more.

Alleged Victims

At least two men have come forward with allegations of misconduct against Rev. Justin Capato. Both were minors at the time of the alleged misconduct. Alleged misconduct by Rev. Justin Capato includes fondling of the gentials and other inappropriate touching.

One person allegedly witnessed Rev. Justin Capato and Br. Conrad Hueser engage in “homosexual activity”.

This story is developing… more soon.


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