Offending Monks’ “Club Ped”

According to a Star-Ledger article [ View ] on June 6, 2012:

In 1987, Brennan pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct with another teen student and was sent to a Missouri facility for sexual offenders. Twenty-five years later, he remains in the Benedictine order, under supervision and secluded from the public, Cicatiello said.

During a telephone conversation on January 20, 2012, Abbot Giles Hayes mentioned two Missouri facilities during a discussion about misconduct by Fathers Justin Capato and Luke Travers: “Dittmer” and “RECON”.

Both facilities were mentioned in a 2005 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article [ View ].

In 2010, television station KSDK out of St. Louis ran a two-part series regarding the Dittmer facility.

Part One: Missouri retreat for pedophile priests (Part 1)

Part Two: Missouri retreat for pedophile priests (Part 2)

Vianney Renewal Center responds to I-Team Investigation