Father Donal Fox Reportedly at “Club-Ped”

St. Mary’s Abbey monk and former Delbarton School employee Father Donal Fox has reportedly been at the Vianney Renewal Center in Dittmer, Missouri since approximately September of 2011. It is unclear if or when he left the facility.

Vianney Renewal Center, nicknamed “Club Ped,” is one of the Catholic Church’s dumping grounds for pedophile priests and others credibly accused of sexual and other misconduct.

Though Father Donal Fox has been accused on this web site of sexual misconduct involving a minor [ View ], St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton have yet to publicly comment on Father Donal’s misconduct.

Donal Fox

Donal Fox

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If you have information regarding sexual misconduct by Fr. Donal Fox or any of the monks of St. Mary’s, please contact a therapist, law enforcement, an attorney, or click Here.