Web Site Feedback #4

Jun 6, 2012 | All, Benedict Worry, Justin Capato

Not only is it offensive that Worry’s name is on the parish bulletin, but the same also applies to Capato’s name still on the Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel Bulletin. I wonder how seriously the Abbey is taking this lawsuit? It appears that Notre Dame has a teflon shield? Many, many people are extremely disgusted that Capato’s name is still on that bulletin – and moreover, there is MUCH discussion as to whether or not there were any victims AT Notre Dame…I hope you are probing there.

This past week’s bulletin at Notre Dame has an insert outlining the 10 steps of a safe parish, and in the bulletin there is a paragraph urging anyone to report abuse to the diocese. Um EXCUSE ME? NO, you IDIOTS. ABUSE MUST BE REPORTED TO POLICE AUTHORITIES FIRST. All the Diocese will do is spin it, sweep it under the rug, or pull an Abbot Giles and try to dilute its seriousness. Notre Dame SERIOUSLY needs to be investigated.