Web Site Feedback #1

I graduated from Delbarton in 197X and remember it with fondness. For me it was a haven from [ REDACTED ] where I was raised. They provided me with a scholarship for most of my stay there and with opportunities I would never had had in [ REDACTED ]. Having said that, there is no doubt that predatory priests were present on campus. It was something that everyone just knew.

From the mindset of the mid 1970s, this was not a big issue. On one occasion a priest attempted to sit me on his lap. I declined and mentioned this episode to my parents, who quickly paid a visit and had a “conversation” with the monks about this episode. End of story.

Other priests were also flirted with the students and openly showed an inappropriate interest in the young men. During this period Delbarton had boarders [ REDACTED ] who lived there full time and were even more vulnerable. The great majority of the priests were dedicated to their vocation and displayed no predatory behavior, but there must have been a culture of acquiescence in place, along with efforts to restrain the most egregious behavior.

In short, the monks did considerable good. Unfortunately, as a community, they were complicit in behavior that can only be described as criminal, especially from the today’s perspective.

Keep up the good work. The truth cleanses all.

Delbarton Graduate
August 9, 2012

[Webmaster’s Note: Follow-up contact authenticated the alum’s identity. He agreed to have his comments posted. In a subsequent email, he identified two of the priests he referred to in his email.]