Father Travers In Delbarton Promotional Video

Jan 24, 2012 | All, Giles Hayes, Luke Travers

“The energy that you can borrow from other people, their enthusiasm, and their joy at being here as a student or teacher animates me…” – Rev. Luke Travers; Delbarton Promotional Video

In a six minute video currently available on the Delbarton School web site, Rev. Luke Travers discusses the energy he “borrows” from the students at Delbarton.

According to Abbot Giles Hayes, in the same video, “It’s all about relationships. The togetherness in community that we experience here, has its roots in the life of the Benedictine community which itself is conveyed to our our faculty. ”

According to the school’s web site:

“Delbarton School, an independent Roman Catholic learning community conducted by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey with their lay colleagues, welcomes young men in grades 7-12 from diverse backgrounds to pursue excellence, to develop leadership, and to build character by educating the whole person; mind, body and spirit.”

“As a Benedictine Abbey School, Delbarton considers its immediate purpose the education of young men, understood in larger than purely academic terms. The School invites young men to explore all their experiences in a context in which Gospel values are lived with conviction. The School, therefore, seeks to create a positive environment in which personal and religious affirmation can be made.”

1/25/2012 Update:  Seven months after the investigation of his misconduct began, a video featuring Rev. Luke Travers was finally removed from the Delbarton web site [ View ]. The video was removed on Wednesday, January, 25, 2012.

Screen shot of the Delbarton web site (as captured on the morning of January 25, 2012):