Capato – Fibromyalgia

Mar 21, 2013 | Uncategorized


“I found MFC Center for Health through a Parishoner who had the material sent to me by mail. In the past I tried anti-depressants and visits to various doctors. These problems started 12 years ago but the doctors felt I had it long before that. I’m just experiencing a change now in how I feel after just four weeks. I now have the overall ability to do my job with less fatigue and pain. Before starting care, I had extreme fatigue and lethargy along with poor digestion. My energy and ability to sleep is also improved with better digestion. Everyone at the office is friendly, and the girls are absolutely fantastic. I love seeing the girls… we laugh and smile. The Doctor is one of the nicest people. He seems to be a fine person and caring and very able to help. I feel like I’m home when I come to the office. It’s a fun and great place to hang out. I also have had the opportunity to talk with a number of my Parishoners about MFC Center for Health”.

-Father Justin Capato