Email and Response Regarding Father Justin Capato

From a web site visitor:

“I have been told that at a recent Mass at Notre Dame, Fr. Jude was about to announce that Fr. Capato has been exonerated – but then was thwarted when he heard at the last minute that the Cranes had filed the lawsuit.”

Webmaster’s Response:

Father Jude Salus could not have been prepared to announce that Fr. Capato had been exonerated without, at a minimum, a decision by the Abbey Review Board, which has been “investigating” the claims of misconduct against Father Capato since he was removed from ministry in December of 2010 (A letter sent to Saint Mary’s Abbey on December 8, 2010 led to Father Capato’s removal from Mount Carmel). [ View ]

In June of 2012, The Abbey Review Board was still investigating claims against Capato. [ View ]

From the same web site visitor:

“Word is out all over the parish that Fr. Capato is innocent and has been telling everyone that this is the case and that he is eagerly awaiting his return to the parish from the Abbey.”

Webmaster’s Response:

In my opinion, Father Jude Salus has been lying to his congregation about Father Justin Capato for months. He waited almost thirteen months to tell the congregation the truth about Father Justin’s December, 2010 departure, then minimize the allegations. [ View ]

I met with Father Jude Salus in March. His advice regarding Father Justin Capato… “Leave it to God.” Simple forgiveness doesn’t solve this problem. There have been too many people affected by his “alleged” misconduct.

Keep in mind that Giles Hayes has known about allegations of misconduct by Father Justin Capato since 2004 [ View ]. Giles’ track record regarding swift and transparent dealings with offending monks is deplorable [ View ] .

Here are some of the stories/accusations/allegations regarding Father Justin Capato:

Former Employee: A St. Mary’s employee (“Mary”) once confided in me that Father Justin Capato had been sent away for issues related to pedophilia, that he was gone from the abbey for over a year, and that when he returned he was involved with the abbey’s retreat center, at which young boys and men would stay over night.

Former Student: When I was thirteen or fourteen, Father Justin Capato took a group of students on a ski trip to the Andirons in Vermont. He joined me in the jacuzzi. He offered to hear my confession. I recall that we were the only two in the pool area. When Father Justin put his hands on my head for absolution I became very uncomfortable. I got out of the Jacuzzi and went back to my room.

Alleged Victim: On several occasions, Brother Justin [Capato] would rub himself against me like a dog mounting another dog and I felt something hard that was underneath his habit. I remember being in Brother Justin’s living quarters on more than one occasion. There was pornography on his desk, the same type of pornography my brother had obtained from the trash bin outside the monks’ residence. On another occasion while swimming in the pool, I noticed Brother Justin  [Capato] and Brother Conrad [Heuser] sitting under the shade trees by the pool and they were kissing each other.

Former Employee: When Bruno [Ugliano] became headmaster, he said he, “Didn’t want to see that faggot [Capato] over at the school. If he came anywhere near a student, he would kill him”

Alleged Victim: Showed porn, encouraged to masturbate in front of Capato.

 I don’t think he’s coming back… but this is Saint Mary’s. One can only hope they do the right thing.