Another Conflict at Delbarton

Please be aware that private investigator Nick Susalis, former investigator for attorney Greg Gianforcaro, is now investigating misconduct on behalf of St. Mary’s Abbey/Delbarton School.

Seem like a conflict? Not necessarily. However…

During a conversation with Nick Susalis on Thursday, March 14th, Susalis shared that he was hired by Attorney Kurt Krauss (Delbarton ’81) former head of the Delbarton School Alumni Association, to investigate allegations against Delbarton School and St. Mary’s Abbey librarian Mr. Giac Pagano. Pagano was the subject of a recent letter [ View ] to Governor Chris Christie.

What will attorney Kurt Krauss do with the information gathered by investigator Nick Susalis?

Considering that, according to the Delbarton School web site, Giac Pagano is “very good friends” with Kurt Krauss [ View and View ], we believe that the information will be used to protect Pagano, discredit victims and blame the messengers. In other words… business as usual.