Letter to Kurt Krauss

Apr 4, 2013 | All, Giac Pagano, Kurt Krauss

[Webmaster’s Note: A three letter was sent to attorney Kurt Krauss, a 1981 Delbarton School graduate, on March 15, 2013. He has not responded.]

March 15, 2013

Mr. Kurt Krauss
Wilson Elser
200 Campus Drive
Florham Park, NJ 07932

Mr. Krauss

Attached please find a copy of the email [ View ] that I sent to your work email address on March 14, 2013.

Last night, I was reminded of your role as past president of the Delbarton School Alumni Association and received photos (attached) [ View and View ] of you with the most recently credibly accused perpetrator, Mr. Giac Pagano. I have not yet received, nor can find I find any record of, you standing by (literally or figuratively) any victims of misconduct. Does such a record exist?

At one point, you were considered (by more than one victim) a trusted member of the Delbarton community in a position — and with an opportunity — to clean up the mess created by Delbarton’s leadership and the anti-victim directives of its counsel.

I asked five questions yesterday. I look forward to your answers as, I am certain, do several of the victims with whom I have shared your new role. Perhaps in your answers we will be able to better understand your motives and allegiance.


Patrick J Marker
Circle Path Media, LLC

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