Giles Covers Up Another Scandal

Jul 10, 2014 | All, Eamon Drew, Giles Hayes

Dear Friends,

Since many of you were away for the holiday weekend, you may not be aware that Father Eamon is no longer exercising his priestly ministry here in our parish. The following is the text that I received from Abbot Giles Hayes, Abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey, Thursday evening, May 21st.

“Dear Fr. Sean,

I wish to inform you that Fr. Eamon Drew, O.S.B., is on leave from the monastery to deal with personal and emotional issues and will not be returning to the parish. Please keep Fr. Eamon in your prayers.”

Abbot Giles P. Hayes, O.S.B.


The announcement of Fr. Eamon’s leave was a complete surprise to all of us, and thus, a bit of a shock. This is a difficult time for both Fr. Eamon, and our parish community. I ask each of you to heed the request of Fr. Abbott by keeping Fr. Eamon in your daily prayers.

We all need to respect Fr. Eamon’s privacy. I have been assured that, at the appropriate time, we will be able to send cards and letters expressing our prayerful support.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Fr. Sean [Keeney]