Anthony Cicatiello… Wordsmith

In an interview on March 20, 2012 with, St. Mary’s Abbey spokesperson Anthony Cicatiello said that the abbey placed restrictions on Rev. Luke Travers and Rev. Justin Capato following allegations of sexual misconduct. Really? How long after the allegations were reported?

Abbot Giles Hayes Resigns CMSM Presidency

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SILVER SPRING, MD (March 19, 2012). The Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) announced today that the Right Rev. Giles P. Hayes, OSB, Abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey in Morristown, NJ, has resigned as the conference president for reasons of health. In accord with the statutes of the conference, the Very Rev. Thomas H. […]

Suit claims Delbarton monks abused teens

(Observer-Tribune) MENDHAM TWP. ‑ Two former residents who were sexually abused by a former priest at St. Joseph Church when they were youths, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday claiming they were also victimized by two monks at the Delbarton School in Morris Township in the 1970s.

Two Alleging Sexual Abuse at Delbarton to File Suit

( The attorney for several men alleging sexual abuse by former Delbarton School headmaster Luke Travers, and another St. Mary’s Abbey monk, is scheduled to hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday in front of the Morris County Courthouse, where he will formally announce that his clients have filed a lawsuit against Delbarton […]

Delbarton ex-headmaster ‘under tightest restrictions’

BERNARDS — Not long ago, the Rev. Luke Travers strolled the sprawling bucolic grounds of Delbarton School as the high-profile headmaster of the exclusive Morris Township all-boys academy, sought out by the rich, famous and politically connected who wanted their sons enrolled.

Advocate: Christie Must Act on Delbarton Scandal

An activist who has publicized accusations of sexual misconduct at Delbarton School says he’s called on Gov. Chris Christie for help addressing the allegations, but gotten no reply.

Message to Delbarton Parents and Students

On January 23, 2012, a letter (shown below) was sent to Delbarton parent and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It was also sent to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in Washington, DC. Included in the envelope was “The Richmond Letter” (available Here).  Both offices signed for the letter. Today, three weeks later, there has been no […]

Letter to Governor Christie

[Webmaster’s Note: Governor Christie’s office signed for this letter on January 25th. Almost three weeks later, there has been no response.]

Protected: Rev. Justin Capato… Allegation in North Carolina

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Diveny’s Email to Delbarton Community

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The links that bind us together are so much stronger than the lifeless links of a chain. They are the bonds of friendship, memory and loyalty that hold us together in a living tether. These bonds have been forged over time and tested by adversity and have the power to sustain us even in these […]

Containment… “We are a Family”

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According to multiple sources, an assembly was held at Delbarton School on January 13, 2012.

Allegations Mount Against Ex-Delbarton Chief

A victims advocate says at least five people are now accusing a former Delbarton School headmaster of making sexual advances toward them.

Father Travers In Delbarton Promotional Video

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“The energy that you can borrow from other people, their enthusiasm, and their joy at being here as a student or teacher animates me…” – Rev. Luke Travers; Delbarton Promotional Video

2 more men come forward, support sexual misconduct accusations against former Delbarton headmaster

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(Star-Ledger) In a candlelit room at St. James School in Basking Ridge, Brian Kvederas remembers confessing the overwhelming fears of his adolescence to Rev. Luke Travers some 25 years ago.

Alleged Victims of Rev. Luke Travers

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Allegations by victims of Rev. Luke Travers are as follows (in order victims came forward): 1. Sixteen Years Old. Early 1990’s. Delbarton School in Morristown, NJ [ More ] Young man sought support from Rev. Luke Travers when his father became ill. Rev. Travers allegedly engaged in misconduct while the student attended Delbarton School. Rev. Travers later […]

Statement from Alleged Travers’ Victim #5

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Father Luke chose to hear confessions in a private room. The room was dark but for a few candles. Confession was a scary, intimidating process to begin with… the environment that Father Luke created did nothing to lessen the anxiety. After Father Luke closed the door, he instructed me to sit in a chair. He […]

Giles’ Credibility Questioned

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Not even Catholic Abbot Giles Hayes, called as a defense witness, was credible.

Delbarton failed to learn Penn State scandal’s biggest lesson

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You might think that recent high-profile sex abuse scandals at Penn State University and elsewhere would serve as crisis management lessons for others.

Delbarton: Mistakes Were Made

(Star-Ledger) MORRIS TOWNSHIP — Officials for the Delbarton School and St. Mary’s Abbey admitted Monday “mistakes were made” in their monitoring of former headmaster Luke Travers, who violated restrictions placed on him after he was accused last year of sexual misconduct, according to religious officials in Virginia.

Road to Recovery: Abbot Giles Must Resign

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But if parents, students, staff, and alumni were told that Fr. Luke’s actions were a minor boundary violation, that would minimize the effect of the damage to the reputation of the Benedictines and Delbarton School, wouldn’t it? Herein lies the ongoing issue with the Church’s handling of sex abuse charges: the image of the Church […]