In lawsuit settlement, Delbarton releases sex abuse victim from confidentiality agreement

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( MORRISTOWN — William P. Wolfe — who was sexually abused by a priest at the Delbarton School when he was a 14-year-old student there — had waited 30 years to tell his story.

Morris judge closes parts of civil trial in Delbarton sex abuse case

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( MORRISTOWN — A Superior Court judge today ordered his courtroom closed to the press and public during opening statements in a civil trial brought by a man known as “John Doe” who wants to be released from a confidentiality agreement he signed after settling a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Delbarton School in Morris […]

Abbot Giles Retires, New Abbot Elected

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From the St. Mary’s Abbey Web Site: “With praise and thanksgiving to God, the monks of St. Mary’s Abbey joyfully announce the election of their 11th abbot, the Rt. Rev. Richard Cronin, following the retirement of teh [sic] Rt. Rev. Giles P. Hayes. We give thanks to Abbot Giles for 8 years of faithful service, […]

Former Delbarton student seeks to void confidentiality agreement in molestation settlement

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(Daily Record) A judge Wednesday said he wants to hear evidence and direct testimony before deciding whether a former Delbarton student who settled lawsuit claims in 1988 of being molested by a priest can be freed from a confidentiality clause so he can discuss the case and settlement sum.

Judge won’t drop gag order in Delbarton sex abuse settlement, but allows case to continue

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A Superior Court judge refused to lift a gag order today against a man known as “John Doe” who obtained a confidential settlement in 1988 after allegedly being sexually abused by a priest at the Delbarton School and now wants to talk about it publicly.

Gag order suit in NJ sex abuse case can proceed

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MORRISTOWN (AP) — A judge denied motions by both sides Wednesday in a dispute over a confidentiality agreement signed by a victim of sexual abuse at a New Jersey private school in the 1980s, setting the stage for a possible trial.

Message from Paul Diveny

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The loyalty of our incredible alumni means lot to everyone at Delbarton. – Brother Paul Diveny In a YouTube video (video) posted on May 4, 2012, Brother Paul Diveny asks Delbarton alumni to open their wallets, “at a time when the school truly needs and appreciates your most generous support.”

Meet the Monks

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Partial List (Updated January 21, 2012)

Excerpts from Giles Hayes’ January 13, 2002 Email

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I did not use the word “minor.”  Our attorney slipped it in so other attorneys would know that there was a legal distinction between pedaphilia and adult to adult abuse.  I got very upset when I saw it used this morning, and told our spokesperson to get rid of it.  Make no mistake about it, […]

Victim of priest sex abuse: Christie, Buono, Serratelli could use ‘moral authority’ to help send a message at ceremony

( MENDHAM — A date has been set to rededicate a monument to child victims of church sex abuse that has been destroyed twice in as many years — even though repairs won’t be finished when the ceremony is held.

Judge says Delbarton School lawsuit against attorney will go forward

( MORRIS TOWNSHIP — In June, attorney Gregory Gianforcaro held a news conference outside the Morris County Courthouse to announce his client, a victim of sexual abuse in the 1980s at the Delbarton School, wanted to join a growing chorus of men speaking out about violations they claim went on secretly for years at the school.

Letter to Michael Critchley (re Pagano Investigation)

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter was sent to attorney Michael Critchley on March 25, 2013. Governor Chris Christie and attorney Kurt Krauss also received a copy. As of April 13, 2013, none of the three has responded.]

Letter to Kurt Krauss

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[Webmaster’s Note: A three letter was sent to attorney Kurt Krauss, a 1981 Delbarton School graduate, on March 15, 2013. He has not responded.]

Email to Kurt Krauss (re Pagano Investigation)

[Webmaster’s Note: The following email was sent to attorney Kurt Krauss, a 1981 Delbarton School graduate, on March 14, 2013. He has not responded.]

Another Conflict at Delbarton

Please be aware that private investigator Nick Susalis, former investigator for attorney Greg Gianforcaro, is now investigating misconduct on behalf of St. Mary’s Abbey/Delbarton School. Seem like a conflict? Not necessarily. However…

(Still) Waiting for Gov. Christie to Act

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter and two notarized statements detailing sexual abuse by Mr. Giac Pagano were received by Governor Chris Christie’s office on Monday, March 3, 2013. There has been no response. Accused perpetrator Mr. Giac Pagano is still listed as a Delbarton School employee. Mr. Pagano still has access to young men, as […]

Letter to Br. Diveny re Pagano

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[The following email was sent to Br. Paul Diveny on October 30, 2012. In the summer of 2012, Brother Paul Diveny and Patrick Marker spoke for approximately 30 minutes. Diveny was working in one of his gardens on the Delbarton campus. At that time, Marker provided Diveny with information regarding a credible allegation of misconduct […]

More Allegations Involving Rev. Luke Travers

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Since Thursday evening, two additional victims of misconduct involving Rev. Luke Travers have come forward.

Monk’s Email Addresses (Jan 6, 2012)

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Directory List Fr. Andrew T. Smith Fr. Anthony G. Sargent Fr. Basil J. Wallace Fr. Beatus T. Lucey Fr. Benedict M. Worry Fr. Benet W. Caffrey Abbot Brian H. Clarke Fr. Bruno A. Ugliano Br. Demetrius M. Thomas Fr. Edward Seton J. Fittin Fr. Elias […]

Editorial: Hypocrisy rules at Delbarton

In 1988, a young man accepted a settlement from the Delbarton School for damages he suffered after he was sexually assaulted while a teenager by the Rev. Timothy Brennan who was then a monk at Delbarton.